Story Fragments

Poder de las Chicas

Everybody thinks they know what’s best for me. Right. Because I have so many role models. How is my Mama supposed to give me advice about what boys I should be dating when when she wound up with Papi? “What about Jose? Que guapo, eh?” Jose is literally retarded. I seen him trying to light a lighter on fire while he was holding it in his hand. Really great pick Mama.  

And how is Papi supposed to give me advice about how much I should be reading or studying? What I should be doin’ with my life. “Ay, Leti, why you read so much? Vayase fuera!” You go outside! He can’t even hold down a job? I’m trying to do something with my life, why you gotta mess with that?

I don’t even care. Whatever. I’m gonna do me. I don’t need boys in my life cause all boys want is new shoes and booty up in they faces. I ain’t tryin’ to get pregnant. All these girls, they think that finding a boy is their only way out, but they’re only dating boys who are still here. 

But see, I seen through it, excuse me, I saw through it. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to get out, but everyone lets that keep them down. Colleges are looking for pretty young latina girls from the ‘hood that have read a few books, they gotta meet some quotas. So guess what? I’ll let some school pay me to get out, I ain’t got no problem helping them check a box. I have no problem helping them. I can play the game. If it means I don’t have to wind up with someone like Jose, I can play any game they want. So I’ve been reading every book I can get my hands on, teaching myself what I need to know. I even learned a word for it, autodidactic, it means I’m teaching myself. I got two more years, and I’m out. I’ll go fuck with the white kids in the woods somewhere for four years. Doesn’t sound so bad.

Plus, all those cute doctors have to start out in college, right? I’ll get me a doctor Mami, and you know what, I hope his name is Jose, too.  

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